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Fine tune your messaging and strike a chord with your customers

High quality copywriting is the secret ingredient to a good website. In fact, it’s no secret. It’s in plain sight and is the best opportunity you have to sell your business. As we enter the 2020s it’s well over two decades since the internet started to be widely adopted. Yet, so much online business is missed due to under-performing websites. How satisfied are you with yours?

Your products or services are probably finely tuned and your client base is already established somewhat. You might even have loyal customers who don’t need to be convinced about what you can do, because they already know. But what’s not quite resonating with those other customers or prospects when they browse your website or receive your newsletters? What kind of valuable content are you providing regularly for your network? How could stronger and clearer messaging - with a personalised tone and feel - help to drive better lead generation and conversion for your business?

Let’s face it, you can only truly begin to persuade someone if they are willing to listen, which is why grabbing their attention early is so important.

I can help you connect with your customers and tell stories that strike a chord. I will work with you to create relatable and readable content to communicate what makes your company, products and/or services so valuable.


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Writing services

These are the typical services I provide. Please contact me for a quote that is based on your specific project.

Website Copy

Optimise copy on individual pages or across your entire website


Create consistent content for your mailing list and build more sales pipeline as a result

Blog Posts

Keep your customers coming back to your website by publishing regular blog posts


From product descriptions to stories about your brand - get in touch with details about your project

Hello, I’m Joe

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Selling has been at the core of my career. I began working in IT sales and marketing in 2016, before which I was a music agent in the UK for almost ten years. In 2019 I released a business guide book for musicians, which is essentially a sales guide for anyone without an agent and who is needing to pitch their musical project themselves.

Whether you’re selling the value of a software solution to corporate IT directors, putting forward independent artists to music promoters, or basically articulating how any business or entity can bring value to another - being able to effectively communicate sharp and clear messaging to pique a person’s interest is vital. You may only have their attention for thirty seconds or less, so you must make every word count.

As a copywriter, I’m able to combine my sales and writing experience to bring great ideas to life and construct must-read stories and narratives that are relevant for their readers. An essential aspect of this is understanding your audience, which is why I take the time to conduct thorough research ahead of putting those first words on to paper (or computer screens) for anyone I work with.

Aside from writing, I like to go running as often as I can and I also play drums. Since releasing my book last year you may also find me on social media reminding ALL of my friends and family to buy a copy. I currently live in Barcelona in Spain but am originally from near Manchester in the UK.

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